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Rental Procedures


  • Submit your completed application online along with a $50 fee per adult. Every adult who will be living in the home must complete the application and pay an application fee. All adults (over the age of 18) will be required to sign the lease.
  • Once approved, a deposit to hold the property is required. This deposit is typically equal to 1 month’s rent. Typically, we will hold a property no longer than 2 weeks or less for move in.
  • The application fee and security deposit must be made by money order or cashier’s check – no personal checks or cash are accepted. You may apply and pay fees online.
  • You must have a verifiable source of gross monthly income and provide pay stubs, provide copies of your driver’s license and a photo of any pets you will have in the home.

Normally the application process takes 24-48 hours to complete.
The data we use to assess an application includes income, credit and rental history.


Once approved you will be required to pay your security deposit in certified funds and schedule your lease signing. All adults will need to be present to sign the lease. Keys are not released until the application has been approved and all required funds for deposits and rent have been received. Utilties must be transferred into your name prior to move in or you will be responsible for the pro-rated amount until they are. Failure to transfer utilities in a timely manner can be considered a breach of your lease agreement and grounds for eviction.


Your lease requires you to provide 30-days advance written notice before moving. If proper notice is not given, you will be charged rent for those days.

  • It is your responsibility to provide your forwarding address and phone number to expedite the return of your deposit. We will issue one check for any security deposit refund. This check must be made out in all tenants’ names. It is the tenants’ responsibility to work out the details of distribution. First Serve Realty is required to make any repairs and make an accounting within 30 days of move-out.
  • Please call our office approximately seven days before move-out to schedule a walk-through inspection. Utilities must be on at the time of inspection.
  • Keys and remotes should be returned to the office by 5:00 p.m. of the move-out date. Rent charges will continue until the keys and remotes are received and all personal property removed from the home. Do not leave keys and remotes in the home.

Besides leaving the home clean w/carpets shampooed, the following items should be attended to in order to assure the refund of your deposit:

  • All light bulbs working
  • Smoke detector batteries replaced with new
  • Air filters replaced
  • All household and yard debris removed
  • All keys and garage door openers inventoried at move-in returned to the office
  • Removal of all debris and arrange for final garbage pickup. Professional debris removal is very expensive and will be charged to your security deposit.
  • Mow, weed and rake yard, removal of any animal feces, replacement of any dead plants if you are responsible for lawn maintenance.

Note: Holes in walls may be spackled to reduce move-out costs to the tenant. However, care must be taken to do a quality job or a charge to repair and repaint the wall may be incurred.
Note: Please use Mr. Clean white sponges (purchased at all major retailers) to remove any scuffmarks from walls, doors, baseboards, light switches, etc. that you can to prevent re-painting or additional cleaning costs charged to your security deposit.

Repainting costs if necessary are prorated based on the length of tenancy.

The purpose of the refundable security deposit is that the home will be returned in the same condition it was found when rented, normal wear and tear is expected. Any alterations should be discussed with the Property Manager. The inspection form that was given to you at move-in will be used to make this determination. Any repairs or upkeep needed to bring the property back to this standard will be charged to the deposit.

Please call to schedule a move-out walk-thru inspection with the Property Manager after all items are moved. All keys and remotes are to be returned at that time.


Rent is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late after 5 pm on the 3rd. A late fee will be assessed at 5:01 pm on the 3rd of the month (Refer to lease for specific amounts of late fees). A late payment may only be paid by cashier’s check or money order and must include the late fee and all outstanding charges. Cash, partial payment, multiple checks, or two party checks will not be accepted. Secured funds will be required and is the only form of payment accepted after any NSF check has been received.

Rent can be paid in person or mailed to 7936 West Sahara, Las Vegas, NV 89117. Office hours are Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. We are closed on weekends and holidays, THERE IS NO DROP BOX. Rent payments can also be made online through Resident Sign In, and this is our preferred method.
Our standard rental agreement indicates all outstanding charges including late fees, fine and repair charges, are treated as rent if unpaid. Thus, eviction can occur for not paying these fees as well.

Checks are accepted for the payment of rent; however, personal checks are not accepted at the time of application or move-in. If rent is paid late or if a check has ever been returned due to insufficient funds all future rents must be paid in certified funds only. The account will be flagged to not accept personal checks and if one is received, it will be returned and could result in additional fees being assessed.


Many Homeowners will accept pets with some exceptions and restrictions. An additional deposit per animal and a photo of your pet will be required. Restrictions on pets do not apply to service animals.


The owner only carries insurance to protect the real estate, not any of the contents. If a disaster occurs, the tenant is responsible for costs associated with replacing the items. First Serve Realty strongly recommends you maintain a renter’s insurance policy at all times.

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